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Monthly Archives: January 2011

US Senate: “Do not visit the WikiLeaks site itself.”

US Senate’s recently updated WikiLeaks Guidance, which applies to both Senate’s employees and contractors, throws quite some light on the conditions that led to its creation. Unauthorized disclosure of classified information (whether in print, on a blog, or on websites) does not alter the information’s classified status or automatically result in declassification of the information. […]

Distilled Reading: “It’s not about the dots.”

Carl Ford, who served as Assistant Secretary of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) from May 2001 to October 2003, states in an meanwhile unclassified October 2003 9/11 Commission interview: […] He remarked that intelligence analysis shouldn’t occur in a vacuum (analysts should not be academics who accumulate knowledge for […]

Distilled Reading: “It was more than powerpoint.”

Gina Genton, former director of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) from March 2001 until August 2002, and later Deputy Executive Director at CIA, states in a meanwhile unclassified October 2003 9/11 Commission interview: […] There were two difficult changes made at FBIS that were very controversial: (1) the movement to softcopy, and (2) changing […]

More Than Collection

According to our definition, OSINT is understood as the systematic collection, processing, analysis and production, classification and dissemination of information derived from sources openly available to and legally accessible by the public in response to particular government requirements serving national security. Often enough though, OSINT is still regarded a “collection-only discipline”. While, organizationally, collection and […]