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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Islamists are presumed to be behind… no, wait; This just in: a Right Wing Extremist…

A fortnight ago when I compiled a literature review over the latest and greatest work on terrorism financing, I was baffled by how much of the work  drew on studies of Islamist terrorism. Only a handful of the literature I came across examined separatist, left-wing/anarchist, right wing, or eco-terrorism. This is odd as there are […]

I know what you’ll do next summer

Only recently, ETH Zurich opened its Risk Center as an interdisciplinary initiative promoting the wisdom and mysteries of ‘Integrative Risk Management’ (IRM), a both vague and vogue concept primarily ascribed to insurance companies and now applied to academic disciplines ranging from political sciences, economics and sociology to engineering, physics and mathematics. While this cluster is […]

Book Review: Hein G. Kiessling: ISI und R&AW – Die Geheimdienste Pakistans und Indiens

Kiessling, Hein G.: ISI und R&AW – Die Geheimdienste Pakistans und Indiens. Konkurrierende Atommächte, ihre Politik und der internationale Terrorismus. Verlag Dr. Köster, Berlin , 2011, 420 p., €29.80, ISBN 978-3-89574-770-0. Two weeks ago, Hein Kiessling, a political scientist who has lived and worked for a German political foundation in Balochistan and Pakistan from 1989 […]