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H1: Intelligence comprises the collection, processing, analysis and production, classification and dissemination of information ultimately addressing a government requirement.

H2: Intelligence disciplines can be defined by the type (HUMINT or TECHINT) and accessibility (OSINT or NOSINT) of their respective sources and means.

H3: OSINT is opposed to NOSINT, which includes information from sources not legally accessible by (though potentially available to) the public.

H4: OSINT is intelligence which is generated exclusively using sources legally accessible by the public.

H5: Intelligence must consider all sources which may contain relevant information.

H6: If relevant intelligence information can be drawn from open sources, these sources must be considered by the IC to avoid a partial informational disadvantage over the public.

H7: The public can be divided into a) a general and b) a specialized public. While the latter has the same legal authority, it is superior to the former in specialist knowledge and/or capabilities.

H8: Classification describes the process and status of assigning a specified audience to an information, thus attempting to control its accessibility.

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