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Behind Walls or Out in the Open? The Challenges of Protecting and Sharing Information

OSINT Report 4/2010

In this year’s final OSINT Report we examine the prevalent classification and safeguarding procedures in place for sensitive national security information. We provide a synopsis of definitions, and cast light on the complex interplay between officially required secrecy and publicly desired transparency.

The report also addresses the implications of over-classification on the one hand, and authorized or unauthorized disclosures (‘leaks’) of classified information on the other, raising awareness in the interest of more balanced governmental information security and sharing.

Florian Schaurer, Jan Störger: ‘Behind Walls or Out in the Open? The Challenges of Protecting and Sharing Information’, OSINT Report 4/2010, ISN, ETH Zürich, December 2010

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  1. Mike Rogers, the new chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is quoted saying:

    “We have gotten into an era of need-to-share versus need-to-know. Need-to-know is an important provision when you are trying to do some operation to keep us safer. But need-to-share got us in trouble with WikiLeaks and with other leaks.”

    Are we sharing too much?

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