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“Look at me! I’m a spy, and I’ve got the t-shirt to prove it.”

As the Globe and Mail, Canada’s second largest newspaper, reports, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) makes quite a killing in selling “secret souvenirs” to its staff – while asking them to keep all the golf balls, lapel pins, coffee mugs and crested polo shirts hidden from curious eyes. Ehhhm, yeah, right. The CSIS spokeswoman wisely suggests to wear the logo fleece under a winter jacket.

This really reminds me of a hilarious dialogue in the 1998 movie “Out of Sight“:

Ray’s with the FBI Task Force, working on the prison break.

(eyeing his t-shirt)
I see that.

Ray turns to Karen, holding his jacket open to show the task force inscription on his t-shirt in red, the guy’s .357 tucked into his waistband.

In case no one knows what he does. Tell me, Ray, you ever wear one that says “UNDERCOVER”?

No. Course not.

But don’t you worry, Canada, other intelligence agencies are catching up. The German BND plans to open a souvenir shop to the public in its new Berlin headquarters, for example. And this certainly is the more promising strategy in confusing your enemy: once every tourist is equipped with a CIA hat, a DGSE umbrella, a MI6 jacket, an ISI shirt, a Mossad tie, RAW flipflops and a FSB pocket flask, merchandising will play its ultimate role as a whimsical means of deception.

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