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Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) – Same Song, New Melody?

Without setting the schmaltzy pride of belated parents aside, David Omand, Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller – as an online first article in Taylor & Francis’ well-established periodical ‘Intelligence and National Security‘ – are ‘Introducing Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)‘. What the world needed, was yet another INT, and here it is. Of course, despite the […]

US Army ATP 2-22.9 on OSINT

This summer, the US Army has released its unrestricted 91-page Army Techniques Publication No. 2-22.9 on ‘Open Source Intelligence’ (also available via FAS) aiming at division level audiences, superseding its last such publication from December 2006. If you are not familiar with the “foundational concepts and methods” of OSINT within the military, this is your […]

Hide and Seek

In Kipling’s famous novel ‘Kim’ we follow the adventures of a smart young British orphan living on the streets of Lahore and occasionally working for a Pashtun horse dealer who is actually an operative of British Intelligence. It is him who introduces Kim to the ‘Great Game’ of spy- and tradecraft. The young Kim is […]

Bibi’s Bomb, Curveball’s Curse

Yesterday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his eagerly-awaited speech on Iran before the UN General Assembly in response to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s tirade on the “uncivilized Zionists” a day before. In order to illustrate the imminence of the threat Iran’s nuclear program is allegedly posing to the world, Netanyahu did not even hesitate […]