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Open Source Intelligence in a Networked World

Anthony Olcott, an associate at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University, and a scholar at the CIA’s Center for the Study of Intelligence, has lately published a remarkable book with the above title, the nineteenth book-length manuscript he claims to have completed, and the fourteenth that was published. A book which appears […]

The War against Volume…or against Windmills

In an article in the current issue of the International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Phil Nolan, a senior consultant at IBM, proposes an alleged revolutionary approach to intelligence analysis, which turns out to be rather a delusioned attempt to reinvent the wheel. Mr. Nolan’s past as a consultant at McKinsey & Company fosters the […]

Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies – The Evolution of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) has published our draft article  “The Evolution of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)” for the “Guide to the Study of Intelligence” in The Intelligencer – Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies. The “Guide to the Study of Intelligence” is a project of AFIO’s Academic Exchange Program (AEP). An overview of […]

OSINT as Evidence – The NPD Case

In 2001, the German government went to the Federal Constitutional Court in order to have the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) banned, very broadly on grounds of ‘Volksverhetzung’ by various affiliated individuals and leadership, “a concept in German criminal law that bans the incitement of hatred against a segment of the population”, and, more […]